Chinese way of healthy eating

A Chinese proverb says, “Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, salty: all must be tasted.” We tend to be guilty of eliminating whole food groups, eg fats or carbohydrates, or trying to exist on a single type of food (Fruit juice diet). Eatern principles use particular foods  to bring balance to the body. For example, it is consumed to counteract  his/her personal tendency toward feeling cold or hot or having a weak digestion. Also different foods are recommended for different seasons.
Chinese dietary guidelines advises people who tend to run cold to gravitate towards “warm” foods and spices. This refers not only to the food’s physical temperature, but also to its effects on the body (think of breaking a sweat when you eat a curry). On the warmer end of the spectrum are foods and herbs such as ginger, chili peppers, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg. Warm foods are also especially appropriate in the winter. Similarly, people who tend to run hot or who are in a hot environment are advised to consume more cool foods (think of the tingly cool sensation you experience when consuming a mint beverage). In addition to mint, cool foods and herbs include citrus, tofu, milk, lettuce, celery, cucumber and tomato.
Raw is not necessarily better
According to this tradition, cold, raw food such as salads and fruit are particularly hard on the digestion and should be eaten in moderation. Cooked foods are considered especially beneficial for anyone who has a Hypothyroid condition, is in a weakened state due to an illness, childbirth, or advanced age, since cooking helps unlock nutrients and facilitates their absorption. Warm food also relieves the body of the task of bringing the food to body temperature.One way to balance eating raw foods is to combine them with warming and digestion-enhancing ingredients, by adding ginger to that juice or salad.
Eat Until You Are 70 Percent Full
In China, the saying goes “For long life, eat until you are 70 percent full.”  Eating too much food is seen as unnecessarily stressing the body, especially its digestive organs and related processes.
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